What You Need To Know About Matt Jackson, The New Star Of 'Jeopardy!'


Matthew Jackson isn't your average "Jeopardy!" contestant. Jackson, a 23-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C., isn't into "normal" intros, long pauses or hiding emotion. Nope, he's ready to stare you down, answer questions at a rapid-fire pace and celebrate when he feels like it. 

Many took notice of Jackson because of his epic, "slow-smile" as the camera zoomed in on him. 

Jackson, who's now won seven nights in a row, answers questions at a pace that even makes host Alex Trebek take pause. In the clip below, Trebek had to tell Jackson to "hang on" and lecture him on slowing down: 

Jackson said he even prepared for the show with a musical theater mantra from "Hamilton," and would repeat, "I am not throwing away my shot. I am not throwing away my shot …" to himself over and over.


And no one can forget how Jackson famously responded to getting a "Daily Double" question correct. After host Trebek told Jackson his answers were correct, he responded with an emphatic "Boom!" One fan set Jackson's celebration to the song "Here Comes The Boom," which couldn't be more perfect. 

Jackson said that he studied for "Jeopardy!" by reading former contestant Ken Jennings’ book "Brainiac" and Bob Harris’ "Prisoner of Trebekistan." Seems like we've got a little light reading to do. 

Make sure to tune into "Jeopardy!" Tuesday night to see if Jackson can extend his winning record to an eight-day streak.  

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post stated that Jackson said "Boom" as a catchphrase. In fact, Jackson has said "Boom" once on the show. 

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