Matthew McConaughey Says He Threw Baby 15 Feet To Avoid Charging Ram

And at the edge of the Grand Canyon no less, the actor said on "The Tonight Show."

The legend of Matthew McConaughey just grew on national television.

The Oscar-winning actor told a crazy story on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday about throwing then 6-month-old son Levi 15 feet through the air to his future wife, Camila Alves, in order to save the baby from a charging ram at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

And it’s true.

The “White Boy Rick” star was playing the show’s game of “True Confessions” with host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots’ Tarik Trotter when he read the random fact, which the other participants determine is true or false by interrogating him.

McConaughey, 48, has a down-home Texas storyteller in him, so even if you’ve heard this one before, you’ll still be entertained ― and amazed.

 We just want to know how the heck you went “as Yoda” as you could, Matthew.