Matthew McConaughey's Doppelgänger Is Someone's Great-Great-Grandfather

Giving a whole new meaning to the McConaissance.

Either Matthew McConaughey has a new doppelgänger or he somehow got sucked into that black hole in "Interstellar" and traveled back in time.

You choose which one is more plausible. 

Redditor EmberRainbow, whose real name according to ABC News is Sanders Parker, shared what appears to be an old photo of his alleged great-great-grandfather online because of his startling resemblance to the "Dallas Buyers Club" actor. 

“The likeness is uncanny. It was too good not to share,” Parker told ABC News. “His name was Dr. Andrew Sanders, and he's also where I get my namesake from ... Apparently he was the man.”

Parker's sister discovered the photograph after their uncle posted the image on Facebook and noticed the resemblance. But this isn't the first time a McConaughey double has surfaced. Back in 2011, The Daily Beast shared a photo of a Civil War soldier bearing many similarities to the actor. 

And for those crying Photoshop-foul, Parker promises that the photo isn't doctored. 

“I know it's hard to believe in the Photoshop age that this isn't altered, but it really is straight up original,” he said. “I think Redditors do pretty good detective work. They’d definitely find me out. And my family isn’t savvy enough to attempt that.” 



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