Professor Matthew McConaughey Teaches 'Worst Student' Jimmy Fallon

The Oscar winner couldn't get "The Tonight Show" host out of his University of Texas film class fast enough.

Jimmy Fallon took Matthew McConaughey’s film class at the University of Texas at Austin and pretty much failed right off the bat. “The Tonight Show” host wore a Yankees hat and lunged at gummy worms as if he were a fish in Thursday’s bit.

But the Oscar-winning actor passed Fallon anyway ― perhaps because of McConaughey’s big ol’ Texas heart. Or maybe because it made for a nice segue into Fallon leading the campus audience in the alma mater song “The Eyes of Texas.”

McConaughey, a proud UT alum, really is a teacher at the school. He was appointed as a professor of practice by the university in August after years of serving as a visiting instructor.

Hopefully he’ll never have another pupil like Fallon.

Watch the fun above.