Matthew McConaughey To Voice Elvis Character In New Netflix Cartoon

The Oscar-winning actor will be portraying the King in "Agent Elvis," a Netflix cartoon that reimagines the singer as a spy.

The news about Matthew McConaughey’s latest role is rocking the entertainment world.

It seems the Oscar-winning actor has set his sights on portraying singer Elvis Presley.

But McConaughey’s version of the King won’t be anything like the one that propelled Austin Butler to an Oscar nomination this year. Instead, he will be portraying Elvis as a spy for a Netflix animated series, “Agent Elvis.”

The series features a fictionalized Presley giving up his trademark jumpsuit for a jetpack as part of a secret government spy program, according to Variety.

Don’t worry: The King is only moonlighting and continues his day job as a rock star, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Presley’s former wife, Priscilla Presley, is listed as a co-creator of the series with John Eddie, but “Archer” veteran Mike Arnold will be the showrunner and head writer.

The show is set to premiere next month.

You can see the teaser clip here.

McConaughey announced the casting on his Twitter page, adding that “Elvis Presley always dreamed of being a superhero ― now, Priscilla Presley is making his dream a reality!”

Although McConaughey seems excited about playing Elvis, who died in 1977, he might want to take care so he doesn’t suffer like Butler and be unable to get rid of the Elvis voice after the show ends.

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