Nobody Watched Matthew McConaughey's Forgotten YouTube Channel Until Now

Here's some buried internet treasure.
Had fewer followers than you.
Had fewer followers than you.

Intermittent nude bongo player, future college professor and professional Olympics cheerleader Matthew McConaughey has yet another hobby to add to his eclectic array of extracurricular activities: YouTube.

Until this week, the actor’s account had a shockingly low follower count of only 240 YouTubers, according to Advertising Age. Celebrities like McConaughey with verified accounts typically amass thousands of followers with video views reaching into the hundreds of thousands. So what went wrong? 

On Thursday, a Reddit user identified as S1icedBread brought the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor’s videos to light in a thread posing the very same question. 

After a thorough examination of all six videos, which each only last a few minutes long, we can report that the Oscar winner is incredibly earnest, woefully out of touch with technology and, most importantly, likes to open with “McConaughey here.”

Once influencers caught wind of the buried internet treasure, his number of followers skyrocketed to 61,000 and counting as of Saturday evening. 

Watch a carefully curated selection of the actor’s videos below, which mostly revolve around various charitable causes like the Giving Tuesday campaign and the I Am Waters Foundation, to which he encourages his fans to donate.



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