Gay Man Suing Doctor After His 'Homosexual Behavior' Is Diagnosed As 'Chronic Problem'

Someone must have missed the memo that same-sex attraction isn't classifiable as a medical disorder anymore -- and hasn't been for 40 years.

Last year we brought you the story of Matthew Moore, a gay man who was "diagnosed" with "chronic homosexuality" by his Southern California doctor, despite the fact that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1973.

Though he reportedly received an apology from the Torrance Memorial Health Association, Moore recently discovered -- one year later -- that "homosexual behavior" is still noted on his record as a "chronic problem." As a result, he is filing suit.

"Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance and bias is still all too common among health professionals," Shane Snowdon, head of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's health and aging program, said in a statement. "This incident underlines the importance of our ongoing efforts to educate healthcare providers about knowledgeable, respectful treatment of LGBT Americans. When we consult a physician, we have a right to expect care uncontaminated by personal prejudice."

NBC Los Angeles reports that Torrance Memorial Physicians Network claims they tried to expunge the diagnosis from Moore's records but software issues made it difficult and, "as a result, this incorrect diagnosis code was included on a paper copy of the record, which was provided only to the patient."

Attorneys for Torrence Memorial Physicians Network want to see the lawsuit dismissed, calling its allegations "vague and ambitious."

This certainly isn't the first time a queer person has filed suit against a medical practitioner for pathologizing their same-sex attraction. Just last month a gay Chinese man announced that he will sue a clinic that used electric shock therapy in an attempt to "turn him straight."

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