Matthew Morrison Talks Gay Rumors, LGBT Rights On HuffPost Live

Matthew Morrison stopped by HuffPost Live today to discuss a number of topics, among them his views on gay marriage and past questions about his sexuality.

Citing a 2009 ELLE interview, HuffPost Live pinned down the "Glee" star about how it feels to have both fans and the media question his sexuality:

"I know my own truth, I'm a very happy heterosexual man," Morrison said. "But like I said in that quote, I have a lot of gay friends and I'm a big supporter of gay rights and gay marriage. This is America, this is the land of freedom and opportunity and I think it's kind of crazy that a loving or committed gay or lesbian couple can't marry just because they're different."

He then concluded, "I support my gay friends and they support me."

On Nov. 19, Morrison will release "A Classic Christmas," an EP of holiday tunes. He'll also be seen in a televised concert special featuring songs from the new album as well as Broadway standards, which is set to air Nov. 30.

Curious to see the rest of the interview with Morrison? Check it out here.

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