Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone creates provocative pieces that combine image manipulation, painting and pop culture. Creating portraits of pop star FKA Twigs and being refered to as a shaman, Matthew Stone is an influential artist and has been recieving international acclaim for his art.

Instrumental in the formation of South London art collective, !WOWOW!, artist and shaman Matthew Stone, from the Britain Tate, The Hole to Art Basel Miami Beach,  has been part of many critically acclaimed shows. Recently, Matthew Stone has also shot the cover of FKA Twigs new EP M3LLI55X, which has been receiving praise from the media. Matthew Stone’s work speaks with a relation to art history and contemporary ideologies. Examining the hierarchy of ideologies and perceptions, his work pushes ideas into a place of social unity.

His exhibit ‘New Photography’ showcased at Stone’s studio with ARTUNER, consists of colorful brushstrokes on glass that are then taken as a photograph. The image is then digitally altered and then printed onto a linen canvas. The works explore bodily social gestures and through photography, Stone creates a hyper-real version of the medium paint.

In Stone's exhibition Optimism as Cultural Rebellion, each photographic print portrays individuals in erotic but somewhat androgynous poses. The prints capture motions that create a sense of intimacy, deconstruction of division and a Michaelangelo-esque grace. These motions can be seen in the way the body is extended. Each position seems ephemeral—almost as if each body were in a position that can only be held momentarily.   

By Sacha Mendel

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