Matthew Vines, 'God And The Gay Christian' Author, On His Decision To Refrain From Sex Until Marriage

Author and activist Matthew Vines joined HuffPost Live this week for a candid conversation about sexuality, spirituality and organized religion as expressed in his new book, God and the Gay Christian.

The 24-year-old Vines, who is openly gay, described his decision to stay abstinent until marriage.

"The New Testament talks about how the purpose of marriage ... is to reflect Christ's love for the church and, in that sense, be an instrument of our own sacrifice, of our own giving," Vines told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps. "Having sex with somebody is the greatest bodily gift that you can give to them. You can't give more of your physical self ... the idea is that if you're giving all of your physical self to someone, that should be matched by an equivalent emotional and personal commitment as well."

Saying that his aim was to "recover the heart of a lot of Scriptural teachings about marriage and sexuality," he added, "What I really want to be doing is just trying to open up a conversation."

He went on to note, "For a lot of people, they haven't been wanted to touch Christianity or the Bible at all. I think it'll be a victory if I can create a slightly more appealing, less hostile or negative message."



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