Chris Matthews: Tea Partiers Like 'Hoodlums In The '30s In Another Country' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday's "Hardball," Chris Matthews said that the behavior from the Rand Paul supporter who stomped on the head of a woman from reminded him of "the stuff we saw from hoodlums in the Thirties in another country" and wondered aloud when Tea Partiers "are going to start wearing uniforms."

It was the second night in a row that Matthews has made the comparison between Tim Profitt, the man who placed his foot on the head of activist Lauren Valle, and the 1930s. On Wednesday, Matthews, who was speaking to the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza and Salon editor Joan Walsh, played the tape of Profitt asking Valle to apologize to him for the incident.

"This is the kind of stuff, I said the other night, probably--I'll say it again--the kind of stuff we saw from hoodlums in the 30s in another country I will not mention," Matthews said to Walsh after the clip. "What is this behavior by American political activists where they arrest people, stomp them? These are supposed to be people who are good old American Tea Partiers."

Watch (headstomping segment starts at around 5:35):

Matthews then turned to Cillizza.

"I gotta wonder when people are going to start wearing uniforms," he said. "I mean, they've got an army up there in Alaska of militia people, you've got these guys going around acting like street thugs. I mean it isn't far from what we saw in the 30s, where all of a sudden political parties started showing up in uniform."