The Why And How Of Altruism: A Conversation With Matthieu Ricard (All Together Podcast)

Why do we do good and is there a way we can do more of it? In his important new book, Altruism, Matthieu Ricard lays out the scientific and ethical framework for how we can change ourselves and the world with intentional compassion.

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Matthieu Riccard is a Buddhist monk originally from France who lives mostly now in Nepal. Before becoming a monk he got a Ph. D. in molecular genetics and his writings are filled with scientific data to back up his ethical and spiritual claims. His book before Altruism was called Happiness, which he also knows something about as he was declared the Happiest person on the planet by scientists at University of Wisconsin in Madison.

I had a chance to speak with Mess. Ricard about his new book and the urgency he feels about how altruism is needed to transform us as individuals and to help our ailing planet.