'World's Happiest Man' Has A Plea For Treating Animals With Compassion

"We love dogs, but we eat pigs and wear cows. Why?"

Tibetan Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard is asking for people to be more compassionate toward animals.

Ricard has spent 10 years discussing the habits of happiness amongst people through TEDTalks and best selling books, which earned him the titled as the “World’s Happiest Man.” Recently, he spoke to HuffPost Rise about the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness.

“People love animals” Ricard said in the video above. “That is the paradox. We love dogs but we eat pigs and wear cows. Why? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Ricard went on to question why people justify animal cruelty by incorrectly thinking, “Animals don’t feel pain” or “Animals exist just for our consumption.” He strongly refuted these claims by stating that it is “completely clear” that “animals have emotions and that they do feel pain.”

Ricard, whose most recent book is called A Plea For The Animals, said being kinder towards animals will help to improve the depth of our compassion as human beings.

“If we embrace all sentient beings, not only we will include animals but we [will] also love better in way... because the strength and the magnitude and the depth of our compassion will be vaster,” he said.

Check out a guided meditation with Ricard in the video below which might help anyone interested in extending more compassion to animals.

These videos were produced by Nick Palladino and edited by Ethan Kirby and Jenna Kline.

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