This Weightlifting Blooper Was Funny -- But We All Missed The Bigger Picture

"Break records?? Who cares. Break a window?? NEWS WORTHY."

Happy fucking Monday 🙃

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This week, a pair of Instagram videos capturing a Team USA weightlifter’s training blooper went viral, as 20-year-old Mattie Rogers couldn’t do anything to stop the bar as it barreled toward and then crashed into her gym’s glass window just a couple of yards away.

Predictably, the botched lift and the broken glass led to an Internet field day, and Rogers skyrocketed to Instagram and Twitter fame for the miscue. 

But while we all may have smirked at and shared the video, one of Roger’s many tweets on the matter make clear that, in the midst of our amusement, we probably missed the bigger picture and problem here.

She’s right. Rogers, at 20, is an Olympic-caliber athlete. She is one of the best in the world at her craft, and has likely tallied more feats in her three years in the sport than many of us have in our lives. 

So for the sake of women’s sports and in the hope of giving female athletes even just a smidgen of the recognition they deserve, here are recordings of a few of the American records -- not just glass windows -- that she has completely shattered: 

New Jr and Sr American snatch record for the 69kg weight class 102kg @mattiecakesssss.

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