Mattress Firm Shook After Twitter Exchange with Tuft & Needle

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“Bed-in-a-box” startup Tuft & Needle squared off against industry giant Mattress Firm with a hilarious Twitter exchange on July 20.

The feud started last month when Mattress Firm launched its #dontgetboxedin campaign targeting Tuft & Needle, the Phoenix-based company known for pioneering a universally comfortable mattress and calling out the mattress industry on its shenanigans.

Mattress Firm has been swinging hard with snarky headlines and aggressive advertising, a stark contrast from the messaging their customers have come to expect:


Same Friends & Family coupon, different discount amount…well, that's confusing.




They even handed out free ice cream at Phoenix Art Museum to spread the word:

Our team partnered with @MattressFirm last week to give out FREE ice cream & promote their wide variety of mattress options. #DontGetBoxedIn — Decibel Management (@decibelevent) July 12, 2017

Mattress Firm’s Chief Marketing Officer SicilyDickenson told Biz Journals the campaign is meant to "stand up for ourselves and our customers,” but the company’s followers seem to be more confused than convinced:

Last week, Tuft & Needle finally tossed its hat into the ring with a direct response to the campaign:

� @MattressFirm, we beg to differ. Here's what some of our Blake's really think... — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017

All Tuft &Needle Twitter replies:

And this Blake... — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017
And this Blake, too. — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017
Oh, and can't forget about the Jake's... — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017
While we're at it, how about Megs and Craigs? — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017
Tims and Jims... — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017
We love our Kens and Bens, too. �� — Tuft & Needle (@TuftandNeedle) July 20, 2017

Mattress Firm was shook:


Like Mattress Firm’s bed-in-a-box line called The Dream Bed?

Do as you say, not as you do? Lesson learned Mattress Firm.

Update and Response from Mattress Firm:

I had Sicily Dickenson, CMO of the Mattress Firm reach out with a response:

We understand that it might seem like a paradox to have a campaign called #DontGetBoxedIn when we in fact sell an awesome bed in a box product as part of our curated offering. What we are really saying is that sleep is personal.
Choices are good.
What works for one person might not work for another and you shouldn’t feel boxed in with just one choice. Several online startups have used catchy headlines to create a narrative that there is one perfect bed for everyone.
We fundamentally disagree, so we decided to have a little fun with our messaging and remind people that you don’t have to sacrifice choice and service to get an affordable bed that fits your needs.

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