Maude Harlow Hits Chicago As 103 Year-Old Fulfills 'Bucket List' Dream Of Dancing, Shopping In Windy City (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

Story by Lizzie Schiffman, courtesy of DNAinfo Chicago

Maude Harlow has seen and done a lot in her 103 years, but despite a lifetime spent dreaming of extravagant shopping sprees on State Street, she had never set foot in Chicago until Friday.

Her hospice care service, Passages Hospice, wanted to help her finish her "bucket list." So on Friday, the health care company's philanthropic arm, Hospice Dreams, partnered with Macy's to make Harlow's dream come true.

"Can you imagine this woman?" said Kansas Swain, a spokeswoman for Passages who escorted Harlow through her event-filled Friday. "A hundred and three. Never been to Chicago, never window-shopped, and this is her last wish. It doesn't get any sweeter, any more human than that. As her hospice provider, we want to make sure that we grant her last wish."

Harlow's nurse at her live-in care facility in Downstate Wilmington — about 60 miles southwest of Chicago — notified Hospice Dreams that her patient had a simple request: to see the city and shop for a new handbag in one of the Second City's iconic department stores.



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