Maui Voted Best Island In The World... And Has Been For The Last 20 Years

20 Reasons Maui Has Been Voted Best Island For 20 Years Straight

If Conde Nast Traveler readers are one thing, it's loyal. In the annual Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards that selects the Top 25 Islands in the World, Maui has come out on top for 20 consecutive years. It also regained its top ranking in the Top 10 Islands in the United States. How could one island stay so popular for so long? Before you ponder the implausibility, here are 20 reasons that probably account for Maui reigning supreme for two decades straight.

1. Rainbows
maui rainbow

2. Craters: Haleakala National Park
kula maui

3. Huge Waves: Peahi
peahi maui

4. Road Trips: The Road To Hana
road to hana

5. Rolling Green Hills: The Road To Hana
road to hana

6. Farm Country: Hana
maui farm

7. Clouds: Haleakala National Park
maui upcountry

8. Mountains: Haleakala National Park
maui upcountry

9. Coral: Honolua Bay
honolua bay maui

10. Humback Whales

11. And Baby Humpback Whales
maui whale

12. Waterfalls: Alelele
alele waterfall

13. Tranquility: The Pools of Oheo
seven sacred pools

14. Golf: Makena
makena golf course

15. Sunsets: Kalama Park
maui beach

16. Lavender Fields: Kula
maui lavendar

17. Sea Turtles
maui sea turtle

18. Tiny Islands: Molokini Crater

19. Bamboo Forests: Oheo Gulch
oheo gulch

20. Bliss: Lahaina Beach
maui beach

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