Maui Man Allegedly Drives Drunk Through Marathon Crowd (VIDEO)

Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu, a 22-year-old Maui man, was charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly drove his car through a crowd near the starting line of the Maui Marathon early Sunday morning.

Footage from a documentary film crew on the scene shows a white Acura turning into the starting line and then swerving through the throng of runners. The car veered through the crowd at a slow speed, striking a 53-year old bystander and dragging him 30 feet.

One injured person was treated by first responders, according to Hawaii News Now.

“My heart was racing and people were scared. There was a lot of commotion,” 15-year-old Silvan Engert told the website.

Dan Skousen was at the scene and ran to the car's passenger side, where the window was open. Skousen reached in to pull the car’s emergency brake, and when Pajimola-Aiu tried to continue driving, Skousen said he turned off the ignition and pulled out the keys.

Skousen told Hawaii News Now that the car reeked of alcohol.

The 53-year old victim was treated and released at the scene for minor injuries. The marathon went on as planned.

Pajimola-Aiu’s bail is set for $1,200.



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