Woman Shows Up Naked And Drunk To Visit Husband In Jail: Police

Some couples just can't bear to be apart.

A Reston, Va., woman faces indecent exposure and public drunkenness charges after she allegedly showed up to visit her husband in Arlington County Jail wearing only her birthday suit.

Maura Fussell's husband had been arrested earlier Saturday. Police said Fussell came to visit her husband during the evening, but they aren't sure if she showed up naked, or merely disrobed upon arriving at the Arlington Magistrate's Office. One thing was clear: Officers said she was pretty drunk.

When she refused to get dressed, the cops gave the 26-year-old a choice: Let them call her a cab home, or spend the night in jail. She took the latter.

“Our officers frequently give these people an opportunity to take a cab. They frequently don’t want to do that,” Arlington Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck told the Washington Post.

Fussell and her hubby, who has not been identified, were released Sunday.

There was a St. Patrick's bar crawl held in the area on Saturday. Although they couldn't say for sure, police think the woman's actions may have been linked to the revelry.

“Anybody who was in Clarendon that afternoon was participating one way or the other," Sternbeck said.



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