Maureen Dowd's Sexual Frustrations

it's hard to imagine such a retro feminist viewpoint in the age where the first viable female candidate for president is making waves and headlines.
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Seriously, the woman is so sex obsessed and 1950s centric, it's hard to imagine such a retro feminist viewpoint in the age where the first viable female candidate for president is making waves and headlines. In Dowd's world, however, it's still all out for daddy or Rudy, in her case.

Once again, to Whiskey Fire:

The debate dominatrix knows how to rattle Obambi. ... ..

In MoDo's world, where strong women must be balanced out by weak men, the idea of a mutually strong relationship is unthinkable (which may be why Hill and Bill confuse her so much). I can see a similar dynamic with Michelle, who strikes me as less bitchy than funny and self-deprecating, realistic rather than idealistic about the person who shares her life, far from the doe-eyed adoration expected of your Jeris and Judis of the world.

And so Obama is a pussy, and Hillary a bitch: " The debate dominatrix knows how to rattle Obambi."

But Hillary will be crushed when faced with A Real Man, MoDo is sure. Or at least, a much less convincing cross-dresser. ... ..

Ms. Dowd wants her president locked and loaded, but if we're talking Hillary, please take away the magazine because a woman shouldn't be given the same toys of war as the boys. Why Dowd uses a sexual reference that connotes submission on the part of "Obambi" is another matter all together. That this man's supposed willing submission allows the dominatrix to play her part because he likes it evidently escapes the New York Times' old maid. Hey, if she wants to be back to the 1950s, well, so be it. That's what her daddy boys would have called her back then.

Dowd is stuck in the "Leave it to Beaver" past, while modern romance and now politics is finally moving on. Even her title, "Shake, Rattle and Roll," (at least she refrained from "Let's Roll!") further exposes her. Ms. Dowd's not so subtle slam at Clinton who dares to be equal, especially on those traditionally male platforms that has her using all angles to get the job done, is sister sexism at its worst. It's Dowd's unwillingness to acknowledge the huge hurdle involved in Clinton's campaign for president, rendering it to a dismissive Freudian fight that levels a woman once again to her sexual prowess, leaving all manner of intellect and cunning ignored. Dowd's preferred male counterpart, Mr. 9/11, is hoisted once again on a 20th century macho pedestal, as the intellectual male in the drama, "Obambi," is seen neutered. But not because of the female's unbounded talent, but because Obambi's a wimp, willingly playing the submissive role, according to Dowd's dominatrix juxtapositioning.

What this is really about is Dowd's throwback fetish for Republican tough guys and the old schoool John Wayne image of her preferred macho party, and Dowd's disdain for all things Democratic and intellectual, but especially any woman who dares tread on her traditional sensibilities that she might one day be rescued from her sexual frustrations. How dare Hillary! She could never pass Ms. Dowd's drooling Rudy muster. She and Chris Matthews should talk.

Other guys, like Rudy, wouldn't even be looking for a chance to greet Hillary, as Obama always does. Other guys, like Rudy, wouldn't care if she iced them. ...

If Rudy's the nominee, he will go with relish to all the vulnerable places in Hillary's past. At the Federalist Society on Friday, he had barely spoken the word "she" before the audience began tittering appreciatively. ... ..

Hillary has her work cut out for her. Rudy will not be so easy to spank.

Dowd is the other bookend to Camile Paglia. It's hard to know what to make of these screeching, shrill mud slinging merchants when it comes to Clinton. Dowd uses the term dominatrix to describe Clinton, implying willing submission by the men in a human drama she obviously doesn't understand, while Paglia chooses Diane Feinstein, a torture nodding senator from California who said yes to Mukasey. Dowd and dominatrix. Paglia and torture.

Isn't it interesting to see such supposedly strong females scared of one of their own getting the ultimate power post. So much for the era of "post-feminism" the conservatives are always shouting about. Clinton has clearly frustrated these grand dames of rhetoric. They're all tied up.

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