Maureen McDonnell Sentenced To One Year And One Day In Prison

Former Virginia first lady Maureen McDonnell was sentenced Friday to one year and one day in prison for corruption charges.

McDonnell and her husband, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), were convicted last year on corruption charges after accepting gifts and loans from businessman Jonnie Williams in exchange for promoting his company, Star Scientific.

Following a 27-day trial last summer, Bob McDonnell was found guilty on 11 counts of corruption, while his wife was found guilty on nine. The couple accepted approximately $165,000 in gifts from Williams, including Rolexes, dinners and vacations. In exchange, prosecutors found, the couple promoted Star Scientific's main product, the anti-inflammatory Anatabloc. The product was not approved by the FDA.

The former governor was sentenced to two years in prison last month. McDonnell is out of prison as he appeals the decision.

Prosecutors had recommended an 18 month sentence for Maureen McDonnell.

"Any sentence imposed on her will affect others who may be in positions to affect those in a position of public trust," prosecutors said in court documents, according to Reuters.

"I would ask in your sentence today that you consider the punishment I've already received," McDonnell said in a statement prior to her sentencing. "My marriage is broken, my family is hurting and my reputation is in shatters."

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