Maurice Clemmons, Lakewood Cop Killer, Claimed He Was Jesus Christ (VIDEO)

Cop killer Maurice Clemmons drove to New York in June to see local minister Bernard Jordan, claiming that he was Jesus Christ.

According to the New York Daily News, Clemmons, who was gunned down by a Seattle police officer on Tuesday, apparently "disturbed a June 13 prayer service, trying to rush the stage and yelling, and then approached Bishop Bernard Jordan at his gala 50th birthday banquet the next day."

Jordan, who runs a "cyber-ministry" and claims to be a prophet, says Clemmons told him he was Jesus Christ.

The Associated Press reports that Clemmons had also told Washington state investigators that he "had visions that he was Jesus Christ and the the world was on the verge of the apocalypse."

Footage has been released of a friend of Clemmons telling Jordan that he is Jesus Christ and that God told them to come to New York.

It is believed that the killers' friends and family hid Clemmons' during the massive manhunt for him, helping with his wound and giving him money.

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