Mavens' Advice On Digital Influence [INFOGRAPHIC]

The world's best business and leadership experts share their insights to help CMOs, CIOs, and CEOs bolster their digital influence. This interactive infographic is a high-level summary of their advice. You can click on each maven's avatar to watch their video interview with Michael Krigsman and I.

CMOs must build digital relationships or die, said a recent Harvard Business Review blog. Although the title may seem somewhat over-the-top, there is no denying that ignoring digital business transformation initiatives can quickly threaten the viability of your business. The post concluded that smart CMOs are recognizing that digital disruption creates more than it destroys. The challenge for most executives is to cultivate and champion an adaptive culture that allows their organizations to embrace digital innovation. Company executives are guided by specific digital priorities that help shape and communicate their brand promise. Some believe that neither CMOs nor CIOs are ready to champion and address digital disruption in business. Gartner predicts that by 2015, 25% of the enterprises will appoint a chief digital officer. I recently shared my views on the emergence of the chief digital officer with MIT Sloan Management Review.

Each week Michael Krigsman and I co-host a Google hangout with senior executives, analysts, and authors, where we discuss disruptive technologies and digital business transformational trends that are shaping today's markets. Our guests are experts in their fields, successfully studying mobile, cloud computing, social networking, enterprise applications, big data, and consumer technologies' impact on business. These digital mavens are helping their businesses grow based on their ability to influence the direction of their organizations. Our goal is to provide our viewers a unique experience by introducing them to many of the top executives and thought leaders in the world.

I have written numerous posts about the importance of digital transformation in business, including self-publishing advice from Guy Kawasaki, SAP's chief marketing officer Jonathan Becher's 10 steps to architect a digital business, digital CMO and CIO guidance from Group Vice Presidents of both IDC (marketing in the digital age) and Gartner (the one question all CMOs and CIOs must ask), and recommendations from Intel's CIO Kim Stevenson for today's digital CIOs.

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