Conservative Columnist Nails ‘Inescapable Reality’ Donald Trump’s Lawyers Can't Avoid

Max Boot bashed Trump's impeachment trial defense team in a new Washington Post column. They've "played a bad hand badly," he wrote.

Conservative columnist Max Boot delivered a scathing critique of the lawyers who are defending Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial over the president’s Ukraine misconduct in a new editorial for The Washington Post.

Boot, who quit the GOP soon after Trump’s election and has been a vocal critic of the president ever since, wrote in a column published Wednesday that Democrats in the trial have so far had “not only the stronger arguments but also the stronger arguers.”

Trump’s lawyers have “played a bad hand badly,” he said, before explaining the “inescapable reality” that they face.

Namely, “that their client is guilty as sin.” 

Boot fact-checked the Trump defenders’ false claims during the trial, then said it “should be no surprise that the lawyers representing a president who has made more than 16,241 false statements since taking office should resort to their own lies.”

“The Trump team will win an acquittal in the Senate no matter how badly they argue but, on the present trajectory, they won’t win in the court of public opinion,” he concluded.