Conservative Columnist Sounds The Alarm About Donald Trump's Post-Acquittal Era

"This is not normal. This is truly a mayday moment for our democracy," warned Washington Post pundit Max Boot.

Max Boot, a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, on Wednesday described Donald Trump as “unchained and unhinged” as he analyzed the fallout from the president’s acquittal on impeachment charges.

Trump “has really been emboldened by that acquittal after the sham trial that the Senate Republicans put on, he basically sees it as a license to do anything that he wants to do,” the political pundit told CNN’s Don Lemon.

Boot labeled Trump’s actions in the week since his acquittal ― including “seeking retribution against his real and perceived enemies” and “trying to protect Roger Stone for lying under oath” ― as “really banana republic stuff.”

“This is not something I’d ever thought we’d see in the United States of America, but we see it here and what’s really alarming is we’re not alarmed enough,” he continued. “Senate Republicans, they don’t care. They’re just pretending it’s not going on, they’re pretending this is perfectly normal.”

“This is not normal,” warned Boot, who left the Republican Party in protest of Trump following the 2016 election.

“This is truly a mayday moment for our democracy,” he added.

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