Conservative Columnist Imagines How WWII Would Have Gone If FDR Had Been ‘Trumpy’

“If FDR had taken Trump’s approach, this column would be in German," wrote Max Boot in his searing critique of Trump's coronavirus response.

Conservative columnist Max Boot imagined World War II taking a very different turn in his latest column for The Washington Post published Friday.

Boot, a fierce critic of President Donald Trump, suggested in amusing yet ominous detail how the conflict would have played out had former President Franklin D. Roosevelt acted as Trump is currently doing amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Spoiler alert: not well for the Allies.

Boot, who left the GOP in direct response to Trump’s 2016 election victory, envisioned the “Trumpy FDR” losing interest soon into the war, then prematurely declaring victory, hyping a “death ray,” complaining about rationing and curfews and ultimately holding rallies to rebuke his predecessor.

“If FDR had taken Trump’s approach, this column would be in German,” concluded Boot, who said it is “no surprise” that Trump has “already gotten bored with a war against the coronavirus that isn’t going his way.”

Luckily, Boot noted, “Roosevelt focused with single-minded devotion on defeating the United States’ enemies until the day of his death.”

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