Conservative Columnist Underscores The Magnitude Of What John Bolton’s Book Reveals

“You have to understand how unprecedented this is,” said The Washington Post's Max Boot.

Conservative columnist Max Boot on Thursday stressed the significance of former national adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming tell-all book about his 17 months working in President Donald Trump’s administration.

“You have to understand how unprecedented this is,” Boot told CNN’s “Newsroom” of Bolton’s memoir, “The Room Where It Happened,” scheduled for release next week.

“We’ve never seen such a senior former official saying that the president they served was fundamentally unfit and unethical and ignorant and therefore incapable of doing the job,” said Boot, a commentator for The Washington Post.

Bolton alleges in his memoir, for which he reportedly received a $2 million advance, that Trump sought China’s help in his reelection. He has faced backlash, however, for not raising concerns about Trump’s conduct at the time and for failing to cooperate in Trump’s impeachment.

Boot, who left the GOP following Trump’s 2016 election victory, said Bolton’s book only confirmed concerns raised by other top-ranking Trump officials who have left the White House.

“The difference here is that Bolton has provided a fuller report on what he saw because he was a copious note taker,” Boot continued. “So, this is a very damning indictment and I think Trump and his defenders will have trouble running away from because Bolton is one of them. You can’t accuse him of being part of the deep state. He’s as right-wing as they come.”

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