Conservative Columnist Shows How Trump Could Undermine Election, Stay In Office

Max Boot said the president could force an "electoral crisis" if the results are close.

Washington Post columnist Max Boot said President Donald Trump could try to create a chaotic situation after the election to undermine the results and ultimately throw the decision to the Supreme Court. Once there, a conservative majority could give him the win.

In his latest column Boot wrote that he took part in a “war game” scenario in which Biden had narrowly won the Electoral College, 278-260. He was part of the hypothetical Trump team for the scenario “and, needless to say, we did not concede defeat. Instead, we went to work, ruthlessly and unscrupulously, utilizing every ounce of power at our disposal, to secure the 10 electoral college votes to swing the election.”

In the scenario, the GOP filed suit to block the certification of results in key states, bombarded the airwaves with claims of electoral fraud and even had Attorney General Bill Barr accuse China and Antifa of trying to steal the election.

Boot’s team focused on Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, three states expected which Trump won in 2016; while all three have Democratic governors, they also have GOP-controlled legislatures.

“Normally, the governor certifies the election results,” Boot wrote. “But there is nothing to prevent the legislature from certifying a different election outcome.”

The team’s goal, he said, was to send the election to the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

“Unless Biden wins by an Electoral College margin that no one can credibly dispute, our democracy may be imperiled as never before,” Boot wrote. “We had better start thinking now about how we would handle such an electoral crisis.”

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