Max Galuppo, Temple University Student, Finds His Twin In 16th Century Painting (PHOTO, VIDEO) (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Here's Max Galuppo on Good Morning America in costume!

If you're not one to find yourself in an art museum, would you change your mind if you actually found yourself in an art museum?

That's basically what Temple University student Max Galuppo, 20, did when he and his girlfriend Nikkie Curtis visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Nov. 11 and nearly walked past Galuppo's 16th century double, according to CNN.

"It was really weird. He goes to Temple so we'd been saying for a while we wanted to go to the art museum," Curtis told ABC News. "We went into the armor exhibit and he loved the helmets. He was completely oblivious to it, and I walked past it and was like, 'Do you see this painting right now? It looks just like you.'"

Little is known about the painting, titled "Portrait of a Nobleman with Dueling Gauntlet," other than that it arrived as part of the John G. Johnson collection. Johnson was a renowned Philadelphia lawyer and avid collector of European paintings from the 15th through the 19th centuries. "Portrait of a Nobleman" is by an unknown artist and was possibly made in Emilia, Italy, according to the museum's website.

Galuppo told ABC News that his ancestors come from that region in Italy. Coincidence or longshot? He hopes will have an answer, or at least some clues.

Meanwhile, Curtis posted the photo to Facebook and Reddit and is working with other Redditors who have volunteered to recreate the nobleman's costume for Galuppo -- ruby-red cod piece and all.

Some Redditors couldn't believe the coincidence.

"He does not look 400. Ask him, what does he eat?" TheStreisandEffect wrote.

Anjz added: "There is only one other reason for this. He's a TIME TRAVELER! Amazing how far this guy went just for karma."





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