Max Greenfield Raises A Big Question With Behind-The-Scenes 'AHS' Photo

Hotel Cortez is not kind to poor Gabriel.

WARNING: Mild spoilers below for "American Horror Story: Hotel."

Max Greenfield plays Gabriel, an irritatingly tragic heroin addict who has the misfortune of checking into Room 64, in the current season of "American Horror Story." Last time we saw him, in Episode 2, Sally (Sarah Paulson) was sewing Gabriel back into one of the hotel's numerous decrepit mattresses. 

On Wednesday, Greenfield tweeted the following selfie:

Which makes us wonder: Will Gabriel ever get out of that mattress?

And also, while we're in this inquisitive mood, are we to assume he's actually dead? We don't know when this photo was taken, but, since episodes are still being filmed, it might mean that Gabriel is stuck for a very long time. Or, perhaps it's an old picture. Will Gabriel escape in Episode 3? Will the Countess (Lady Gaga) infect him with her strange blood virus after Tristan (Finn Wittrock) inevitably disappoints her? What does he mean to Sally? 

Whatever the case, at least the Addiction Demon (probably) can't get him in there.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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