‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player Gets Incredibly Lucky, Then Wins Car At The Buzzer

“Are you serious?” the contestant said.

Wheel of Fortune” contestant Max McGee pulled off a buzzer-beater worthy of basketball’s March Madness to win a Ford Mustang convertible ― after he got a very lucky break to collect big winnings on the previous puzzle. (Watch the videos below.)

On Thursday’s episode of the popular game show, Patricia, right, appeared to solve this puzzle in the final round despite 13 letters missing:

Patricia managed to solve this puzzle with one small but critical error.
Patricia managed to solve this puzzle with one small but critical error.

“A Meeting Of The Mind,” she blurted out. Only she forgot to add an “s” at the end and got buzzed. After another contestant, Billie, failed to guess the obvious answer, Max chose the letter “M” to fill in what was already apparent. He easily gave the solution: “A Meeting Of The Minds.” Of course he carefully said the “s” part.

Check out the unfortunate turn for Patricia and lucky break for Max at 14:35:

“That would’ve been a great solve,” Sajak told Patricia, reminding her of the “s” omission. Turning to Max, he said, “You picked it up, and you end up as the big winner.”

That set the stage for last-second drama in the bonus round. In the category “Phrase,” the board looked like this: _E / _RE / _O _ _ N_ / _OR_ _ RD.

Max made a few wrong attempts before completing the correct “We Are Moving Forward” as the buzzer sounded.

Sajak doublechecked with the judges that Max answered in time and confirmed the victory. “Are you serious?” Max said. Then Sajak opened the envelope to reveal that he had won a Ford Mustang.

Yep, Max, it was “Wheel” serious. Dude ended up with a $77,645 total.

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