Irish Cab Driver Shares 14-Year-Old Girl's Moving Tribute To Her Late Uncle

Taxi driver Mark Kavanagh, also known as “Maxi Taxi,” has made a name for himself in his native Ireland for interviewing passengers and posting the videos of these often entertaining interactions online.

Sometimes, his passengers sing or play music. Once, a guy even performed some celebrity impersonations for the camera.

Last month, Kavanagh shared a video of his encounter with another talented passenger named Jade McGowan.

McGowan, 14, lost her uncle to suicide, and she told Kavanagh that she’d written a song to remember him and to provide comfort and encouragement to others.

Her moving story and beautiful song have since gone viral. More than 84,000 people have viewed the video to date.

Maxi Taxi

Just want to say of all the videos in the Maxi Taxi this video is one of the most bravest and amazing 14 year old Jade Mcgowan struggles every day to come to terms of the loss of her uncle true suicide this video in jades words the angel she is , Jades aim is to help others cope and hopefully find some comfort true her Song ! Comments below and love please !

Posted by Maxi Mark Kavanagh on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This isn’t the first time that “Maxi Taxi” has showcased a youngster’s singing chops. Last month, Kavanagh shared a video featuring the vocal prowess of 12-year-old Alana Mulligan.

At the time, the website Viral Ireland praised “Maxi Taxi” for “providing a platform for a lot of hidden talent” in the town of Dundalk, where Kavanagh lives.