Maxine Waters On Trump's Latest Attack: I Am Not Intimidated By Don The Con Man

The congresswoman did not hold back.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) did not mince words Monday night when responding to President Donald Trump’s recent attack on her. 

“Everybody knows who this bully is,” Waters told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “This is a dishonorable human. He is a con man. He came to this job as a con man. I call him ‘Don the Con Man.’”

Waters was responding to Trump’s insult of her during a political rally in western Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, in which he told a crowd of supporters that the congresswoman is “a very low IQ individual.”

Trump continued to attack Waters, mocking her calls for his impeachment. 

Waters said she was not surprised at all by Trump’s Saturday evening comments.

“All I know is this: If he thinks he can stop me from talking about ‘Impeach 45,’ he’s got another thought coming,” she said. “I am not intimidated by him. I’m going to keep saying that we need to impeach him.”