Maxwell Hinton, Seven-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Blows Up Building Through Make-A-Wish Foundation

7-Year-Old Blows Up Building Through Make-A-Wish Foundation

Like most seven-year-old boys, Maxwell Hinton enjoys explosions. Unlike most seven-year-old boys, he was able to set one into motion himself.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the organization that grants wishes to young people with life-threatening diseases, Hinton pushed the button that set a series of detonations, which took down an enormous ConAgra grain mill in Huron, Ohio, reports Fox Toledo.

(Although such an event is often referred to as an implosion, the term is "actually a misnomer because that would require an inverse explosion," according to The Daily Mail.)

Hinton, who lives in Fresno, CA, gained his passion for explosions through television. "I watch 'MythBusters' and they inspired me to blow a building up," he explained.

The boy suffers from neuro-blastoma, a malignant cancerous tumor that that commonly affects young children. The Daily Mail reports that Hinton "has undergone treatment and is now recovering from the condition."

The mill needed to be razed in order to make room for a long-planned riverfront development project. Grain silos, also attached to the structure, will be knocked down in the coming weeks.

30,000-40,000 people turned out for the event. ABC-7 reports that after the dust had settled, and the applause died down, Maxwell simply said, "I had a great time."

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