May 21, 2011 And 11 Other End Of The World Predictions (PHOTOS)

You've probably seen the signs, the billboards, and maybe even heard about it on the radio. Apparently, May 21, 2011 is judgment day.

But is the rapture really upon us?

Harold Camping clearly thinks so (again), but it wouldn't be the first time someone incorrectly predicted the end of days. Throughout history there have been predictions about the second coming of Christ and the apocalypse in general.

While some predictions are religiously geared, others have a more "scientific" basis.

How the rapture date is calculated often comes from some interpretation of a rarely used calendar. Famously, William Miller's end of the world prediction based on a little-used Jewish calendar left many of his followers disappointed.

But even after the 21st, there are more apocalypse dates to come, notably December 21, 2012. That date also has its skeptics.

If you're really in the apocalypse spirit, take a few minutes to join our End Of The World Photoshop Competition.