May Snow Storm Time Lapse Shows More Than 15 Inches Dumped On Midwest Overnight (VIDEO)

WATCH: May Snow Storm DumpsOvernight

The snow just won't let up.

Unseasonably cold weather throughout the central U.S. dropped more than a foot of snow and broke May records in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota earlier this week -- and one tech-savvy YouTube user caught it all on camera.

The phenomenal time-lapse video shows more than 15 inches of snow falling on Owatonna, Minn. overnight from May 1 to 2. YouTube user Kyle Schanus wrote in the description that at its peak, the storm was dumping about 2.5 inches an hour.

2012 was the ninth-hottest year on record, but experts have said an increase in extreme weather swings could be very real signs of climate change. Scientists have also warned that blizzards could be increasing in severity and happen more frequently due to climate change.

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