Filmmakers Rally Support To Release Maya Angelou Documentary

A documentary on the lesser known aspects of Angelou's story might be heading to TV soon.

A little more than a year after her death, Maya Angelou is finally getting her own documentary and directors Rita Coburn Whack and Bob Hercules have created a Kickstarter to help fund it. 

The film, titled "The Maya Angelou Documentary,will "reflect on how the events of history, culture, and the arts shaped Dr. Angelou’s life and how she, in turn, helped shape our own worldview through her autobiographical literature and activism," the directors wrote on the Kickstarter page. "We hope to shed light on the untold aspects of her life and to educate audiences about her story."

Whack and Hercules, who were close friends of Angelou, have been working on "The Maya Angelou Documentary" for four years. The directors note that they have had "remarkable and unmatched access" to the prolific writer's life and up until now, they have been funding the film out of their own pockets. However, they note on their Kickstarter campaign that they need additional funding to pay licensing fees on archival footage and technical edits. 

They set a goal of raising $150,000 on Kickstarter by December 1. So far, they've received more than $30,122 in donations. The film will feature the creators last interview with the late poet and civil rights activists in January 2014, four months before her death, and include interviews with former president Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Common, and Dr. Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson.

The documentary will premiere on television in 2016 if the directors' goal is met. 

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