Maya Fuhr Photos: 'Garbage Girls' Features Attractive Women In Their Sloppy Bedrooms (PHOTOS)

If you've ever fallen asleep between a bottle of hot sauce, a half-empty box of cookies and a used pile of tissues, you may be a garbage girl. This particular Ke$ha-like species feels most zen when her surroundings are at their most chaotic, leading to a bedroom that resembles a sparkle-filled landfill. ("Garbage chic" anyone?)

Photographer Maya Fuhr explored the natural habitats of young women living in Toronto and Montreal in the slideshow below. (Scroll down for photos.)

garbage girls

In an email to the Huffington Post, Fuhr explained the dirty details of her bold explorations: "Each apartment I visited had a different vibe, some I left feeling like I had just gotten hit by a train, some made me feel that sweet, wet feeling of falling in love, and some left me smelling like shit." When asked about the grossest thing she encountered, Fuhr responded: "A couple dirty dildos piled on top of Elaine's collection of drag queen Barbies & My Little Ponies.. Second place goes to Tess with a used tampon inside of a cup."

We are captivated by the trash-filled depths Fuhr plumbed for "Garbage Girls," a colorful, hilarious and potentially disturbing portrait of what happens when young women decide not to clean their rooms. Are these girls, as Fuhr calls them, "anti-housewives" or are they just gross? Take a look at the badass ladies and their potentially toxic dens in the slideshow below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Maya Fuhr