MayaFlowers' Om Parkash on Revolutionizing Your Industry


10 years ago, when Om Parkash founded, he wanted to revolutionize India’s horticulture industry. He saw that there was a huge gap between what the industry could provide, and what the consumers wanted. It was in this gap that he saw his opportunity.

Being an innovator isn’t easy, is it?

Whenever we think about innovators, we tend to think of them as genius-level entrepreneurs with insanely great ideas. While there may be some truth to this perception, it’s not the whole truth.

Innovators are often just people who notice that there’s something missing in a particular industry, then they work to fill that gap. That’s what Om Parkash did. In this interview, he describes why was able to revolutionize India’s horticulture industry.


What does do?


MayaFlowers is an online florist that helps consumers send gifts and flowers to loved ones. However, we’re not just focused on delivering flowers on schedule. There’s more to it. We are focused on delivering a positive experience to our clients.

We strive to add a more human touch to our services. The idea isn’t just to deliver a product, it’s to have a contributing role in making someone feel special. That’s what MayaFlowers is all about.


What led you to start How did the idea come to you?


In India, the horticulture industry is still in its nascent stage, even though we are experiencing an annual growth at the rate of 30%! India’s horticulture industry has attracted many investors from all over the world, but logistics, technology, and available options were not in sync with what the consumers wanted.

That’s why we decided to become a pioneer in this industry. We optimized the technology and logistics in order to bring a more satisfying experience to our customers.


Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?  


I wanted to do something new and unconventional! I wanted to become a leader in my niche. My objective is to set milestones for others to follow.

The entrepreneurial spirit is present in the way MayaFlowers does business. We aren’t the traditional 9 - 5 workplace. We’re not all about the suits and ties either. We have an upbeat dynamic that translates into the services we provide for our customers.


What’s your “secret sauce” for turning prospects into paying customers?


It’s pretty simple. It’s about trust. 10 years of industry experience gives you a certain reputation. We are known for providing excellent service. When someone shops with us, they know they are getting the finest and freshest of organic flowers and quality gifts. They also know that their deliveries will always be on time.

Because we have worked so hard to make sure each customer is satisfied, we get a lot of business from word of mouth. As any marketer knows, social proof is important. We provide a great experience that inspires our customers to tell others about what we offer.


What is the most important trait an entrepreneur needs to have in order to succeed?

Adaptability, persistence, and hard work. These are indispensable traits that any successful entrepreneur must possess. Technology is always changing, which means an entrepreneur needs to be able to adapt to these changes.

Persistence is important because thing won’t always go your way. Challenges and obstacles are inevitable realities of the entrepreneur’s life. Sometimes you’ll put a plan into action only to find that you’re not getting the results you want. You have to be able to keep moving forward despite these setbacks.




Parkash has found great success with MayaFlowers because of his ability to offer what the others in his industry do not. Having a viable unique selling proposition is important because it helps you stand out from your competition.

But that’s not all.

MayaFlowers isn’t just focused on selling products and services. They are focused on more than that. They strive to provide a great experience for each of their customers. They are great at making their clients feel special. This sense of purpose is what makes MayaFlowers so great at what they do.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is working to grow your business, learning these lessons will make your life much easier. It may not be easy, but if you know how to stand out from your competition by having a unique selling proposition and a distinct sense of purpose, you will succeed.