Hopeful Prophecy Enacted

Many prophecies that are positive and hopeful have been misrepresented or not even mentioned by mainstream media. For example, the Mayan 2012 prophecies are usually seen through a Christian, Indo-European lens as armageddon or apocalyptic whereas these concepts didn't really exist to traditional Mayans until Spanish missionaries arrived and began destroying their ancient and advanced civilizations. Have you ever noticed that the Mayan prophecies are always being interpreted by everyone but actual Mayans? Mayans are not extinct at all but living in traditional ways by the thousands throughout Central America.

Lucky for us, a collection of young filmmakers and friends set out many years ago to learn and document these stories directly from the cultures that created them. What happened was quite unexpected and beautiful as these young American filmmakers collaborated in harmony with elders, combining ancient wisdom with modern technology in a respectful way without the usual "outsider" cultural appropriation that has happened in years past. In short, the Mayan version of what is coming our way in 2012 and beyond is quite positive, and I am very excited to roll out this information in the coming blog posts with the help of the elders themselves and the documentary footage captured on location.

The Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor is known amongst tribes from the northernmost tip of the Americas all the way to the southernmost tip. So there are many variations and interpretations, but the central theme says, "When the eagle flies with the condor, the north and south will be reunited and there will be peace upon the earth". It has been well established that before there were state and country borders, native people traded and migrated covering thousands of miles in all directions. This unity ended with the arrival of Europeans upon American shores.

The eagle is said to represent technology, physical strength and ironically has become a symbol of American military might. The Condor is said to represent ancient, spiritual, indigenous/earthly wisdom. Obviously, the technological and physical prowess of the eagle, when not tempered with spiritual wisdom, can be quite destructive as was seen in the massacres by conquistadors and cavalry of days past and current wars. A merging of modern technology with an ancient sense of wisdom and respect for the earth and all of her inhabitants could surely bring a great peace upon the land.

In 2006, native people from all over the world sent water from sacred springs to the oldest continually inhabited villages in North America on the Hopi mesas of Arizona. The water, representing the prayers of people for peace and healing, was poured into gourds. Then a group of Hopi ran over 1,500 miles with the water to Mexico City, where they were greeted by hundreds of traditional Aztec, and other local tribes at the foot of Tlaloc. Tlaloc is a giant stone carving of the Aztec god of rain and water that has been moved to the center of Mexico City from its original home at the Pyramid of the Sun. Ceremony is the traditional way to "awaken" and make real the stories of the people, and when the Hopi runners arrived there was much ceremony between these ancient tribes.

The Hopi were invited to bring Eagle Dancers to the foot of the Pyramid of the Sun on summer solstice to fulfill a 500 year prophecy from the time of Montezuma. On summer solstice of 2006, the people of central America welcomed the ceremonial and symbolic return of the Eagle signifying the beginning of a great time of change, healing, purification, and ultimately peace. This was one piece to the unfolding of the ancient prophecies of 2012 as kept by the Maya who know themselves as the Keepers of the Ancient Flame, the Lords of Time. This milestone also represented an aspect of healing of the 500 year-old wound since the arrival of Columbus, a time when native people would no longer need to hide their ancient knowledge from the world. A time when the world is ready to listen to the ancient wisdom of the original people of this land is upon us.

Don't take my word for it, watch the video and see the actual footage for yourself. With much gratitude to Brian Hardin and Alison Fast for capturing this historic event and to the many native people who have kept the flame of their ancient knowledge alive this footage is available to the world. There is much ground to cover in the coming months for this is only one small part of the unfolding story. In future posts we will touch on the return run of the Aztecs to the Hopi mesas of Arizona, hear words from the 13th generation Keeper of the Mayan Staff as captured by filmmaker Steven Copeland and much much more.

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