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Maybe Barack Obama Just Isn't That Into You

He expects us who traditionally cast Democratic votes to check the box for him, but, interestingly, doesn't seem to reach out to ask certain groups who aren't feeling his charm.
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First, Barack Obama wasn't sure he wanted to reach out to Hillary Clinton supporters because they should just get over it, probably feeling that women who traditionally voted Democratic would come around by November.

He may be right, but then I read in a column by Joel Stein in Time Magazine about how Floridians like his Jewish grandmother "Mama Ann" aren't being swayed by Obama's rhetoric until people, like him, spend a little time chatting them up and, as I've said before, "wooing" them to stay blue in the fall.

Then, I heard that at least one mayor of a pretty significant city is still waiting to hear from the Obama campaign and is wondering, when is he going to make the call to ask for my support?

Even my Pennsylvania mom, a staunch Democrat, just isn't feeling the Obama love and is still wondering what to do in November. (I have taken the Joel Stein route and am imploring her to stay with the Dems in the fall).

Now I know there will be lots of people who say, "HEY, what else do you want the guy to do?" And while that's a fair question since he's out there campaigning pretty much every day, there is clearly a sizeable disconnect between the Obama campaign and some voters and potential supporters.

Which made me think, maybe Barack just isn't that into us.

He definitely expects those of us who traditionally cast Democratic votes to check the box for him, but, interestingly, doesn't seem to want to ask certain groups in a way that would resonate for those who aren't feeling his charm.

He wants us to "put out" our votes, but doesn't seem to want to alter his courtship method in a way to seal the deal with those on the fence.

For plenty of us, it comes down to issues and ideology. But don't forget, George Bush doesn't even drink and Americans apparently chose him to be POTUS because they felt he'd be a fun guy to have a Miller or an Amstel Light with. Even voters who analyze the issues often vote for the candidate who seems right in their gut.

Plenty of us were wrong about assessing the judgment and character of John Edwards, so I'm not saying all gut is a good thing. I'm happy to stick with issues and policy in making my selection this year.

But if Obama really wants to end up in the White House, he and his campaign need to help shake the feeling that he's not making the 'ask' in a way that connects with the groups he needs.

Barack, Mama Ann and PunditMom's mom want to vote for you. You just need to be a little more "into" them.

Joanne Bamberger writes about the intersection of motherhood and politics at her place PunditMom. She is also a Contributing Editor for Politics & News at BlogHer and is an original MOMocrat!

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