Woman Added Cleaning Solution To Co-Workers' Coffee Machine For Weeks, Police Say

Mayda E. Rivera-Juarez is now charged with felony assault.

A woman in Virginia tried to poison her co-workers by pouring cleaning solution into their coffee maker, police say.

Mayda E. Rivera-Juarez, 32, allegedly added the toxic liquids into a Keurig machine in freight company JAS Forwarding’s break room in Sterling over a number of weeks.

The employees at this place had been getting sick, didn’t quite know what was going on,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman told ABC affiliate WJLA over the weekend.

With staffers suffering from diarrhea and digestive problems, the company’s boss ultimately realized that a colleague could be to blame for contaminating the coffee.

He notified Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. Rivera-Juarez, who worked on the business’s front desk, was arrested and charged with felony assault on Friday.

She lost her job at the company following the allegation, reports the ABC affiliate, and is now being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

The employees who fell ill after drinking the tainted coffee have all since made a full recovery.

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