4-Year-Old Fashion Star Mayhem Talks About Her J. Crew Collection On CBS

Today, the adorable fashion prodigy, whose real name is Sydney Keiser, and her mom Angie appeared on "CBS This Morning" to talk about the 4-year-old's creative process and her upcoming summer 2015 crewcuts collection. In the segment, we learn that Sydney likes to design dresses for both herself and her "imaginary sister," a pint-sized mannequin she calls Mackenza.

And, we can't help but marvel at the little girl's work ethic. "I practice a lot," Sydney tells the reporter, estimating that she dedicates about 10 hours a day to her design work (though we're guessing the 4-year-old hasn't fully grasped just how long an hour is... )

Way to go Sydney!

Mayhem Designs for J.Crew

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