Mayim Bialik Posts A Really Depressing Holiday Note

"I'm newly single and not doing so well," the "Big Bang Theory" actress wrote -- plus her cats have forced her out of her own bed.

Mayim Bialik is having a rough holiday season.

The “Big Bang Theory” actress posted a glum selfie and message on Instagram Monday, writing that all was not OK.

“I’m newly single and not doing so well to be quite honest,” she wrote.

Bialik, who plays Amy on the long-running sitcom, then noted that problems with her cats ― problems involving “urine and feces” ― have left her unable to sleep in her bed.

Bialik revealed in a blog post last month that she and her boyfriend had broken up, and that she spent Thanksgiving with her ex-husband, Michael Stone, along with their two sons and Stone’s girlfriend ― plus the girlfriend’s ex and children. Despite the potential for awkwardness, she wrote, “it was an enjoyable evening.”

Last week, Bialik addressed the difficulty of going solo during the holidays after the end of her five-year relationship.

“If ever there were a story that should have ended not like this, I feel this might be it,” she wrote. “But he has his own will and much as I wish I could control his will, I cannot. And so here we are.”

“There is rarely good timing for a break up,” she added. “But most certainly, the worst time is now. In case he is reading this, I’m just meh with this timing. Because say what you will, the holidays are a time to not be recently broken up.”

Hang in there, Mayim.

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