Mayim Bialik Shuts Down Troll Commenting On Her Breasts

"The Big Bang Theory" star fired back with sarcastic vigor.

A few Instagram commenters on “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik’s account appear to be in a dense state.

The actress smacked one of the knuckleheads with sarcasm after they remarked on her body in an exchange spotted by Yahoo.

Next to a photo of Bialik posing with a giant Detective Pikachu, a commenter called the actress “a bit bustier than I thought.” It was among several tacky posts from viewers, but this one clearly got her attention.

“Thanks so much for noticing,” the 43-year-old star replied. “It’s the most important thing about me.”

One fan told Bialik that the “clapback made me love you even more,” while others called the poster “rude,” “disrespectful” and a “nitwit.”

Bialik’s run as Amy on “The Big Bang Theory” ends when the final episode airs Thursday, but this probably won’t be the last time she’ll have to deal with trolls.