Mayonnaise Pizzas From Domino's Japan: Yay Or Nay? (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Domino's Mayonnaise-Heavy Pizzas

When it comes to weird pizza toppings, it's hard to shock us. We've seen it all, or so we thought.

Apparently, not yet -- just take a look at these pizzas from Domino's Japan covered in mayonnaise. There's the Mayo Potato pie, seen below, that's topped with onion, corn, potato, pancetta, paprika and mayo.

mayonnaise pizza dominos

And there's also the Giant Quattro, which packs four pizzas in one: Charcoal Grilled Chiki-Teri, Domino Deluxe, Mayo Jaga, Garlic Master.

mayonnaise pizza dominos

Then there's the Avocado Shrimp pizza, made with tomatoes, pancetta, shrimp, mayo and avocado sauce.

mayonnaise pizza dominos

Finally, there's the Chicken Teriyaki pizza with a hearty serving of mayo, corn, teriyaki chicken, red bell pepper, mushrooms and broccoli.

mayonnaise pizza dominos

Keep in mind that the mayonnaise you see above isn't likely Hellman's. Kewpie is Japan's most popular brand of mayo, and it's recognized by its squeeze bottle emblazoned with the picture of a Kewpie doll. It's made with apple and malt vinegar and egg yolks instead of whole eggs, which makes it sweeter than American mayonnaise in comparison.

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