Mayor Loses Sporting Bet, Eats Disgusting Dish As Punishment

"I'm never making a bet again," said Mayor Charles Dayot.

This humble pie was seriously unappetizing.

The mayor of Mont-de-Marsan in southwestern France has been filmed chowing down on a rodent, as a consequence of losing a bet on a soccer match.

In March, Charles Dayot was so sure that French side Paris Saint Germain would beat Spain’s Barcelona to reach the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League competition that he jokingly vowed to “eat a rat” if he was wrong.

Dayot’s confidence came from the French team’s 4-0 drubbing of its rivals in the first of its two games. However, his favored side ended up losing the return encounter 6-1 and was eliminated from the competition.

On Sunday, Dayot finally made good on his promise by tucking into a coypu stew at a local festival. (A coypu, also known as a nutria, is a large rodent that can actually be much bigger than a rat.)

With a Paris Saint Germain jersey as a bib and a Barcelona shirt mockingly placed alongside him on the table, Dayot devoured the dish as crowds of locals cheered and recorded him on their cell phones. The coypu’s tail appears to be laid out separately on a plate.

He described the semi-aquatic rodent as tasting “a bit like rabbit.” So maybe it wasn’t that bad.

But don’t expect Dayot to make any similar wagers in the near future. “I’m never making a bet again,” he said, per The Local.



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