Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti Kicks Off Polo Season at Will Rogers

Harvard-Westlake alum and current L.A. city councilmember and Los Angeles mayoral Democratic candidate Eric Garcetti threw out the ball for the 59th annual season of polo at Will Rogers State Historic Park in the Pacific Palisades for Tamsin Lonsdale, owner of The Supper Club, and real estate developer and polo player Juri Ripinsky who hosted a 40 person lunch for the affair.

Watch video of Eric speaking to the crowd, throwing out the first ball and then running off the field as the match begins. [WATCH VIDEO]

Both teams were teams from the Will Rogers Polo Club organized specifically for this event:

Team 1: Domingo Questal, Torrey Ripinsky, Ebe Sievwright, Anton Lessine
Team 2: Andrew Bossom, Tom Scherman, Billy Davies, Leigh Bretton

The event served as a fundraiser for the councilman who spoke for 10 minutes about his background including a cute story about his grandfather who came to this country as an immigrant to become a suit-maker to the (then) president of the United States.