MayorEmanuel Gets A Book Deal: Dan Sinker's Tweets To Be Published In Book Form, Biz Stone Writing Foreword

MayorEmanuel Gets A Book Deal

There are many fake Twitter accounts in the world, but few have attracted more attention than @MayorEmanuel.

The incredibly popular account created by Columbia College assistant journalism professor Dan Sinker has been covered by virtually every major media outlet in Chicago--and the rest of the country. Now, the tweets are being turned into a book.

Sinker launched the account when Rahm Emanuel was exploring a bid for mayor. What started as a few profanity-filled tweets turned into an epic tale of a mayoral candidate who knew he would win, joined by pal David Axelrod, Carl the Intern, Hambone the dog and Quaxelrod the duck.

The book comes following a media whirlwind for Sinker, who has met Emanuel in person, appeared on "The Colbert Report," WBEZ's "Eight Forty-Eight" and WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" since confirming that he was the man behind the tweets.

The book's foreword will be written by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and will be annotated for those unfamiliar with some references @MayorEmanuel made throughout the campaign.

Sinker discussed the book deal via email with HuffPost Chicago Friday.

HuffPost: Word is that Scribner will be publishing a book of your MayorEmanuel tweets. Can you confirm?

Dan Sinker: Indeed. Hemingway, Annie Proulx, Don Delillo, and @MayorEmanuel--Hey wait a second...

HP: When is the book due out?

DS: This summer. Actual release date is still TBD.

HP: How did Biz Stone get involved with the project?

DS: I've known Biz since I introduced him at an event at Columbia College Chicago back in 2009. He dropped me a note recently because he was going to be back in Chicago, and I wrote him back asking if he'd do the forward. He said he'd be honored. Which is silly, because I'm the one that's honored.

HP: How will the book present the tweets? Will it include all of them?

DS: It will be the entire stream, with contextual information where necessary. Since so much of the story unfolded against the backdrop of current events and and the minutiae of Chicago politics, there will be asides when necessary to keep a reader up-to-speed. I'm kind of thinking of it like those Folger Shakespeare books you had to read in High School--info on one side, context on the other. In addition, there will be an extensive section that's the "story of the story"--think of that as a commentary track to the making of @MayorEmanuel.

HP: Are you super pumped?

DS: I am. It's really kind of overwhelming but exciting.

HP: How has MayorEmanuel changed your life?

DS: Haha. That seems to be a question that might be answered differently every day. I honestly didn't expect this kind of response to the end of the account. You arrange to be unmasked by the Atlantic and Chicago Public Radio and you figure that you might be invited to the University Club for tea. It went quite a bit beyond that. So it's changed things dramatically, but they're still changing.

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