Mazan Abdul Jawad, Saudi Man, Arrested After Boasting About His Sex Life On TV (VIDEO)

Sometimes it truly is better not to kiss and tell. At least, it seems, when you live in Saudi Arabia, where a man by the name of Mazen Abdul Jawad has been arrested for boasting about his sex life on television. As CNN reports:

Jawad appeared last week on a show on Lebanese channel LBC, where he went into "graphic details about his sexual conquests," according to Arab News, an English daily.

A segment of the show "Red Line" posted on YouTube shows the 32-year-old talking about sex and foreplay. He also discusses losing his virginity to a neighbor while he was 14.

The video has become something of a YouTube sensation in the Arab world, according to the LA Times' Babylon & Beyond blog. In the segment, which can be viewed below but is in Arabic, Jawad also discussed the following, the Times reports:

Following the tour of his room, Abdul Jawad has a conversation about sexuality with his male friends. He gets into his red Mini Cooper and rides off into Jeddah.

Abdul Jawad told the program that while he cruises, he contacts women via Bluetooth as a loophole around khilwa, the offense of a unmarried couples associating unsupervised.